About HASSRA – Executive Committee (EC)

The HASSRA Executive Committee (EC) comprises nine members of the HASSRA National Team and two elected representatives. It is chaired by the National Operations Director, Craig Lewis, and usually meets four times per year.

The Committee has delegated authority from the National Board of Management to management and develop the national programme of national championships and other events.

If you want to raise a specific issue with the Committee, please seek advice from your HASSRA Regional Business Partner or via the HASSRA Communications and Marketing Team who will always be able to offer advice and guidance.

Executive Committee Meetings 2017

2nd March (telekit)

1st June

5th October

7th December

Executive Committee Members

Craig Lewis

Dawn Crow

Ray Allen

Moz Baker

Ann Cook

Jen Richardson

Maggie Ritchie

Tina Street

Della Tucker

Denise Ward

Executive Committee Chair

HASSRA Field Operations Manager

RBP - East of England, East Midlands, London and South East

RBP - West Midlands

RBP - North East and Yorks & Humber

RBP – Fylde and North West

RBP - Scotland

RBP - South West and Wales

Elected Member

Elected Member