About HASSRA – National Board of Management (BOM)

The HASSRA Board of Management is made up of elected representatives and national officers.

The Board decides how decisions of the Annual Conferences and day-to-day business should be taken forward. It usually meets five times a year and has specific responsibility for planning, strategy, corporate governance, policy and finance. The minutes of each meeting are published on the HASSRA web pages and copied to regional chairpersons.

If you want to raise a matter with the National Board you should do so via your Regional Board of Management, through your HASSRA Regional Business Partner or via the HASSRA Communications and Marketing Team who will always be able to offer advice and guidance.

National BOM 2017 Meetings Calendar

8th February

12th April

19th July

8th November

National BOM Members

Margaret Moor National Chairperson

Craig Lewis National Operations Director

Harvey Clarke National Finance Director

Paul Adams Elected member & Vice National Chairperson

John Nunn Elected Member

Catriona Patterson Elected Member

Nigel Thomas Elected Member

Simon Woodrow Elected Member