About HASSRA - How Do I Join?

Who can join?

Membership of HASSRA is open to all staff working in or retired from:

• the Department of Health, or

• the Department for Work and Pensions, or

• the Food Standards Agency, or

• these organisations’ executive agencies and related bodies.

Staff employed by private contractors working on departmental business may also apply.

Alternatively, you can apply to join the HASSRA National Associate Membership Scheme (NAMS) if:

• you have in the past 12 months been a member of HASSRA but have had to leave because you are no longer employed by one of the qualifying organisations listed above, or

• you have in the past been a HASSRA member and are currently a member of a HASSRA regional associate membership scheme, or

• you are employed in one of the qualifying employers listed above but your employer will not deduct subscriptions directly from your salary.

For more information on the National Associate Membership Scheme please select here.

National Associate Membership Scheme (NAMS) – membership application form and lottery application form

Your regional HASSRA office will be able to tell you more.

How much does it cost?

At just £2.10 per month HASSRA provides excellent value for money and offers exactly the same membership benefits for both ordinary and national associate members. The monthly subscription is deductible from your salary or civil service pension or payable 12 months in advance if you belong to the HASSRA National Associate Membership scheme.

Your regional HASSRA office will be able to tell you more.

What do I have to do to join?

It couldn’t be easier. Membership applications and new and replacement membership cards are just a click away.

If you work for DWP select here.

If you don’t work for DWP, complete the form here.

Make sure that youselect the correct ‘Submit Form’ button when returning your completed application.

To apply for National Associate Membership, complete the form here.