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Prize Structure

  • HASSRA Lottery

    As a HASSRA member you are able, if you wish, to participate in the HASSRA Lottery which is drawn once a month with a total of £55,000 per month in cash prizes. You can opt for up to a maximum of 20 numbers @ £1.00 each per month. Each month there will be the new, increased top prize of £12,500, plus 4 prizes of £2,500, 15 prizes of £1,000, 25 prizes of £500 and 20 prizes of £250 giving you lots of chances to win.
    Payment for lottery shares will be made by monthly deductions from pay or pension in the case of members whose payroll or pension provider makes deductions on behalf of HASSRA or by annual payments in advance in the case of ordinary and associate members who cannot pay by deductions from their pay or pension.
    Over 80% of the income the Lottery generates goes back in prizes. The balance of the proceeds is used to support all HASSRA activities at all levels.

    To join, simply complete the HASSRA Lottery application form and select the SUBMIT tab at the bottom of the form.
    National Associate Members are able to join the HASSRA Lottery at inception or renewal of their annual membership. Please complete the form on the National Associate Membership page of the HASSRA Online Shop.

    Remember: You have to be in it to win it!

HASSRA Lottery Results