HASSRA Fylde Trips

We will soon be announcing details of our Trips programme for 2017.

However we are able to confirm our list of theatre and show nights.

Please note ticket details for the Lytham Festival will be announced soon, please keep checking here and on our social media pages.

Please contact HASSRA Fylde Trips Team for more information on these and remember to check back here as well as our Newsletter and Social Media sites.


  • February 13th – 17th Disneyland Paris

    February 24th -27th London £195 (£205 non-members)


  • March 11th - Cirque Beserk! (£18 per person)

    April 5h – Justin’s Party! (£12-50 per person)

    April 14th – Wonderland (£22-50 per person)


  • May 22nd - 26th Isle of Wight £189 (£199 for Non-members)

    May TBC – Cartmel (Details TBC)

    June 3rd - Beamish (Details TBC)

    June 20th – Evita (£29-50 per person)


  • July 6th – Wedding Singer (£19-50 per person)

    July 15th/16th - Cadburys World/Drayton Manor (From £89 per person)

    July 29th/30th - Emmerdale Experience (From £89 per person)

    August 2nd – Lytham Festival: Olly Murs (Tickets Distributed)

    August 3rd – Lytham Festival: Hacienda Classical (Tickets Distributed)

    August 4th – Lytham Festival: 80s Night (Tickets Distributed)

    August 5th – Lytham Festival: Madness (Tickets Distributed)

    August 6th – Lytham Festival: Show Night (Tickets Distributed)

    August TBC - Gulliver’s World (Details TBC)

    August 24th – Sister Act (£24 per person)

    August 26th - Liverpool Day Trip (From £6 per person)

    August 31st – Dirty Dancing (£25 per person) (1st performance)


  • September 1st – Dirty Dancing (£25 per person) (2nd performance)

    September 9th/10th – Mystery Trip (From £49 per person)

    September 22nd – Hairspray (£25 per person)

    October 14th - Our House (£22-50 per person)


  • 2nd November – Flashdance! (£22 per person)

    20th/24th November – Turkey’n’Tinsel to Llandudno (From £179 per person)

    17th November – Jimmy Carr (£23-50 per person) Maximum 2 per member

    16th December – Cinderella Pantomime (£11 per person)

    17th December – Cinderella Pantomime (£11 per person)