HASSRA South East – Regional Events

Regional Events

  • HASSRA South East have a proud tradition of supporting all forms of sport and activity from Badminton to Quizzes, Darts to Rounders, Cross Country to Ten Pin and much more, just click on the link SE Activity Organisers to get the details of our Activity Organisers, their latest events and contact details. If your interest is not listed then drop an email to the South East inbox with the details and we’ll get back to you. HASSRA.SOUTHEAST@DWP.GSI.GOV.UK

Regional Trips

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    Do you like to travel, the kids fans of Disney? The Christmas markets your sort of thing? HASSRA South East plan several trips each year, so if you like the idea of getting away just get in touch with our Trips Organiser, Pete Fincham for more information on this year’s offers.


HASSRA Festivals and National events

  • Read here to find out information on the HASSRA Festivals.

    HASSRA South East are looking for competitors to compete in as many of the events as possible. If you are interested in being part of the competitions, please get in touch with the South East Office for more details.

Ten Pin Subsidy Scheme

  • Organise a Ten Pin Bowling night out for staff in your office and HASSRA South East will

    reimburse the club £5.00 per HASSRA member!! All you need do is book your event, check membership to ensure participants being claimed for are HASSRA members - you can check either through your club or Regional office. Send in a list of participant’s names and HASSRA

    membership numbers to the HASSRA Office, then go out and have a great time!

    HASSRA members who do not have a Sports & Social Club on site can still participate - just get in touch for details. Don't forget that you can use this to recruit new members

    as well as having a great night out! Send your list and club details as appropriate to: