HASSRA East Midlands – Join Us Now!

HASSRA East Midlands announce a brand new membership incentive!

  • HASSRA East Midlands is delighted to announce from 1st March 2016 a brand new incentive to encourage anyone who isn’t already taking advantage of the many and varied great things that HASSRA does, to sign up for just £1.99 per month.

Qualify for a £10 Love to Shop Gift Voucher

  • It’s as simple as this – from 1st March 2016 until further notice anyone who joins as a HASSRA East Midlands member will qualify for a £10.00 Love to Shop Gift Voucher. An amazing offer that in effect works out as Five Months free membership!

Existing Members

  • And for those existing members - don’t worry there’s something for you too! For every person you recommend to join HASSRA (subject to verification) you too can qualify for a £10.00 Love to Shop Gift Voucher.

  • So please start spreading the word now about the great value of HASSRA and the fantastic range of events, benefits and discounts our members can take advantage of all for just £1.99 per month!

How to Apply

    • 1. Vouchers will be issued to new members in the month following their first Membership subscription deduction.

      2. New Members should email to nominate the existing member who recommended them.

      3. Vouchers to recommending existing members will be issued in the month following new members first membership subscription deduction.

      4. The HASSRA East Midlands Board of Management reserves the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

      5. In the event of any queries or disputes the decision of the HASSRA East Midlands Board of Management will be final.