Policy on Alcohol & Drugs at HASSRA Events and Activities

1. The HASSRA Code of Conduct makes clear that all members taking part in HASSRA events and activities should have due regard to their conduct, remembering that at all times, they are representing both the Association and their employing Department or business partner.

2. As the official provider of cultural, sporting and leisure activities for staff working within the Department for Work & Pensions, Department of Health and Food Standards Agency (and other accredited organisations), HASSRA aims to be both effective and professional in the delivery of these activities and therefore support the Departments and their Executive Agencies in the execution of their aims and goals.

3. In return, HASSRA expects that members will conduct themselves in an equally reasonable and professional manner, not only to aid the successful delivery of our events, but also to promote the enjoyment of others and enhance the reputation of both the Association and the Departments that we support and represent. Indeed, it is a condition of employment within the Civil Service that employees maintain a high standard conduct which extends to out of work activities.


4. For some, the consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol will often be an integral part of certain social activities and HASSRA recognises this to be the case. However, the misuse or over-consumption of alcohol can be detrimental to the individual, other colleagues in attendance or, ultimately, the overall success of the event itself.

5. Because of this, event organisers must consider carefully the extent to which alcohol should be available at HASSRA events and activities and ensure that such access is reasonable in relation to the event and its itinerary. Once agreed, such arrangements should be clear to all involved and applied fully and consistently.

6. Any member(s) who, in the judgement of the HASSRA organising officials or the management of the host venue, is causing an undue disturbance or is likely to attract criticism of the event through the misuse or over consumption of alcohol, will be required to modify their behaviour immediately or leave the event. This action shall apply equally to National, Regional or Local events and activities and shall also apply irrespective of the day or time on which the event is staged.

7. All such incidents will be reported by the event organiser to the HASSRA Disciplinary Committee for consideration of any subsequent action or sanction as well as being notified to the officer’s line manager and HR business partner.

Illegal Drugs

8. The use of illegal drugs or banned substances by an individual at any HASSRA event will be similarly reported to the individual’s line manager and, as appropriate, to the police. Should a member be found to have used or supplied illegal drugs or other banned substances at a HASSRA event, such conduct will result in an automatic lifetime ban from the Association.


9. HASSRA is committed to providing well run and enjoyable events for its members and will not tolerate unacceptable conduct of any kind, especially that relating to the misuse of alcohol and illegal drugs.

In this regard we have a responsibility to: -

Ensure that our events provide safe, pleasant and enjoyable opportunities for members.

Ensure that the reputation of the Association and, in turn, of our host Departments, is enhanced.

10. The co-operation of all members in helping to ensure that these important responsibilities are consistently achieved is greatly appreciated.

11. This specific guidance is supplementary to the main HASSRA Code of Conduct which shall apply in full to all members. It should also be noted that any action taken by HASSRA would in no way prejudice action that host employing Departments might also wish to take against individuals.