Volunteer Toolbox – Time Off Guidance

Depending on which business area you work within (DWP, DH, FSA etc), local managers may be able to provide members with Special or Discretionary Leave to undertake roles within the Association. This includes, but is not limited to, taking part in organised activities, particularly where these lead to national finals or representative fixtures.

All such leave is at the discretion of managers and will depend on a number of factors.

Obviously, the more notice that is provided to the manager, the better and it is also important to try to help in any arrangements involving the cover of duties or ongoing work responsibilities. It’s also important to keep the necessary time off to as short a period as possible and to show willing by helping colleagues with their needs when asked to do so.

Dependant on which department you work for, how you should request such time off will vary. In DWP, specific guidance is contained on the Intranet within the Department & You.

It is important to remember that managers can’t always approve every request for time off. It really is about trying to minimise the affect of any absence, appreciating the co-operation given by managers and other colleagues and letting people know how things went with whatever activity you’re involved in.

HASSRA works with each department to help ensure that the guidance in this area is fair and effective. For example, we are currently in discussion with DWP to help make the existing guidance clearer and more helpful to staff, members and managers.